Constructing the Blade

The central blade pieces were glued to the shaft. I used 1/2" walnut adjacent to the shaft, 3/4" cypress, then 1/4" walnut. Once this portion of the blade was glued, I removed much of it (as you can see below) before gluing the additional soft maple blade pieces.

Once the central blade was trimmed to thickness, I glued soft maple to finish the blade. The pattern of the finished blade was drawn on the upper side of the blade to facilitate cutting. Notice that the grip was glued to the shaft at the upper reaches of the shaft.

The glued blade was then sanded flat on the power-face, and cut to shape. Once cut to shape, I used a spokeshave to shape the blade.

Powerface of finished blade

The off-face (non power face) of the finished blade

Blade showing the 14° bent shaft