Traditional Canoe Paddles

There is nothing quite like paddling a canoe with the Canadian stroke. I think this is the way to paddle a canoe.

Ottertail (l) and the Algonquin (r)

Northwoods grip

spline tip

The scalloped grip on the Algonquin allows top hand position on the side or top of the paddle.

The Ottertail is constructed of a solid maple shaft with cherry blade and grip. The 60″ paddle weighs 29oz.

The Algonquin is walnut and maple and at 62″, it weighs 28 oz.

Both are finished with oil (tung oil-boiled linseed oil as a first coat, then subsequent coats of tung oil).

To prevent splitting of the blade, I added a splined tip to the end of the blade by cutting a kerf on the table saw then gluing in a thin piece of wood.